Bringing your software ideas to life since 2013.

More than 10 years of experience in the field
Large network of experienced software developers
Working with startups in early phases
Scaling the teams and accelerating product development

Our values

Agile and fast solution development.

We innovate to the best and most optimal solution with our focus on analyzing customer behaviors.

Building Trust.

We take on the challenges of our clients and we make them our own. We build trust from the ground up and understand that trust is what makes agreat partnership!

Word from our founders

Nenad Latković

Nenad Latković

Here at Timepad we love it when we are in the position "to be in the client's shoes". We look at the clients' projects or startups like our own. We take on challenges as if we ran the company. I think the reason for this kind of approach is our entrepreneurial spirit and our personal experience in building our own startups. To put it more simply - we know the struggle and we want to help you find the right solution.

Pavle Pavlov

Pavle Pavlov

The only thing worse than starting a business and failing... is not starting at all." This is the quote we live by and this is the reason we are working with startups here at Timepad. We love to start new businesses and help them grow. Through each iteration and through each startup we get smarter and better and we can create more effective and better software products.

Why us


Timepad nurtures and supports entrepreneurship. We know and value the effort that goes into building a business.


Our network of highly skilled developers and marketers is our biggest strength. We handpick professionals from our network to best fit the needs of your business.


We’re building effective IT work processes from the ground up and consult our clients on how to effectively handle the IT business.

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