Myko Minions

This is Myko Minions, a premium delivery service company founded to meet the desires of Mykonos travelers, making their holiday as pleasant as possible.

Myko Minions


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Myko Minions

If you are on Mykonos island and have any requirements, Myko Minion are at your disposal 24/7 to bring you anything you can think of, any place you're at!
Whether you are out of Smokes, or you've just met that special someone that you would like to surprise with a unique Gift, just visit their web app and order directly from there. 

Busy island streets shouldn't bother you either, 'cause they can provide you with a Ride, or if you're thinking of splurging yourself a bit, be free to go bigger - a Yacht or Helicopter, anyone?
Furthermore, to all the hedonists, if you came for a good party, or for the best food and wine, don't worry about the reservation part, because their people team have already saved for you the best seats and tables at the best clubs, beach bars and restaurants.

Since Myko Minions are the company for delivery services, their website needed to be made as a webshop.  The luxury of Mykonos island and all professional services that Myko Minions can offer are well pointed in their presentation.  Using attractive photos, bright lights, and of course, Greek colors such as white and blue, just on the first sight you got the feeling that you are at the right place. Holiday is here.

What is important?

This was our first startup project we were hired for. For two years we worked on a full process of analyses and researches of the customers' flow on the web presentation. We made this webshop as mobile-first. Customers used this web more than a regular application. With Myko Minions we determine the right procedure of growing one startup just through web presentation. 


Belgrade, Serbia

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