AMM Manufacturing

AMM Manufacturing is part of Milanović Industries Group, located in MIND Park, Central Serbia.

With top quality products in their process, their vision is to become a world-renowned company in the field of production of rail vehicles (train and tram bodies), which will at the same time contribute to customer development. Their mission is to build complete business solutions based on top quality products with the application of world-leading technologies in the field of rail and aerospace industry. 

AMM Manufacturing


Web development






Since this project was made from scratch, the resources and information we received before we started the first phase of development - design,  were of great importance to us.

Amm provided us with reference sites that we used to create a basic concept. The main accent of the site was its central part - the train. The idea of AMM was to make the train interactive with clearly indicated possible functions and descriptions, which would keep the attention of site visitors with its appearance.

In addition, it was important to point out who they worked for, who they work with and the certificates they have, given that they are the most professional in this field in Serbia.


The reference sites and presentations they provided us were a key guide in choosing the style, colors, keywords, and making the overall design - which was the first phase of our project. We were able to design the site perfectly according to their idea because we had materials before the design phase even started.

After the design was confirmed, we moved on to the next phase - programming. The site is made on the WordPress platform, written in PHP programming language. SCSS was used to facilitate the structure and organization of styles. For animations, we used JavaScript, and jQuery to simplify some actions.

Because the site's main focus is the train, we decided to program and design it from the ground up, using the best practices from the two reference sites we got. We came to the ideal solution by combining the best features of both examples. The train stretches across the entire screen with the possibility of moving it by dragging the mouse. The mapped points on the train with their clear animation indicate that they are clickable, after which the user can read more about each part of the train. Interesting design and cool animations entertain site visitors every time.


This project is a great example of why it is ideal to provide us with all the materials before the design phase begins. Based on the more detailed and quality content we get, the better we can understand your needs and do exactly what you envisioned, and even better.

As the project progressed, AMM had new ideas and requests for changes, which of course is never a problem, but keep in mind that any changes after the already confirmed phases negatively affect the further course of the project, which does not suit us or the client. Once again, for this very reason, prepare your content on time and carefully consider our suggestions before confirming any phase.


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