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Everything Belgrade is a luxury concierge service in Belgrade that offers different types of activities for everyone who wants to enjoy the charms of Belgrade. An extensive 15-year experience shaped one of the most fine-tuned networks, with an immense contact list and unlimited local insider knowledge.

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Everything Belgrade


Everything Belgrade turned to us for help because the site they already had didn't fit their needs. The initial site was for presentation purposes only, it was not usable and it did not leave an impression with its appearance.

The idea they had was to create a new more representative site, through which clients could book their wishes and whose usability would be simple and adapted to foreigners.

To fulfill the idea of this project, it was important to determine the target group, their needs, and goals.

Considering their aspiration to present Belgrade as beautifully as possible, we wanted to create a luxury site for tourists, which would catch their eye when they first enter the site. We knew that design plays a major role in this project and accounts for 80 percent of the project's success.


The project consisted of 3 phases - the design phase, the programming phase, and the testing phase.

Since the only functionality of the site is booking the needs of clients, programming was done on Frontend, using WordPress CMS.

The created booking form is designed to suit foreign users. With predefined questions and a clear form, we wanted to serve the client all the necessary information, based on which we would come up with the most accurate answers. Defining the form required the most changes and communication with the client, until we finally came to an ideal solution, together.

We divided the booking form into 3 steps - choosing the type of service, additional information about the service, and filling out the contact form, where steps are clearly indicated and conditioned.

As for the requirements for luxury design, our solution was to use a modern flat design, with elements and colors that are associated with elegance.

In addition to the required design, for an effective site, it is necessary to obtain top-quality content from the client. In this case, the client needed more time to acquire content that matches the design, which led to breaking certain deadlines. When we finally received the content with a good visual effect, everything matched up perfectly and the site got its full look.


When building a site where visual moment is crucial, it is very important to get all the content, or as much as possible, before you start the design phase. Waiting for resources leads to downtime, which affects efficiency and deadlines.

When the project is done in phases, it is important to determine in detail the completeness of each phase before it is confirmed. Returning to one of the previous phases due to a change of ideas or certain refinements, leads to large losses in terms of time and costs.

It is important to remember that when the design and specification of the project are well defined and the team adheres to it, losses in terms of time and organization are minimized.

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