Draptec manufactures a complete range of composite parts for the automotive industry.

From small components to large and complex parts, clear coated for aesthetic purposes or without finishing for less demanding applications.

All part s are made with special attention to details and the highest quality materials.



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Draptec is a team of highly skilled technicians with remarkable experience in composites manufacturing.

At their own facility, they have 1200 sqm of purpose-built workspace with plenty of technical resources such as cleanroom for layups with a controlled environment, paint booth, walk-in oven, large format CNC milling center, laser cutter, aging, and weathering test lab, advanced process control and tracking system.

All of that combined with a dedication to perfection enables Draptec to produce a state of the art composites.

When we entered in Draptec workshop we were speechless. The stunning organization of their workers and space left an amazing impression on us.

If you need any assessment or work done, Draptec could be no better choice. With a highly professional team, they deserve full attention of customers.

Designing their web required full deduction to their work, so we could provide the best appearance of their job. There is a huge specter of activities they can offer through their mechanism and clients have to meet all of them.

Busy and modern hard-working program of their company is the main impression that their web presentation can offer you.


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