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The idea for founding The Association for Innovative Medical Therapies came from the need to make the current development of new drugs available to the medical profession, which has undergone a revolution in the last decade.

IMT initiates, organizes, and conducts lectures, seminars, courses, and testing for professional training.

IMT Online Courses


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So far, IMT has held its lectures and licensing tests in person, which requires a large organization of people, time, and space.

The idea they had was to set up a full online learning platform, which would significantly expand their business. Initially, the idea of the project was much more extensive than the solution we came up with, together. Through the discussion with the client, we concluded that it was not necessary to do everything they imagined in order to achieve the desired result.

IMT already had a website, on which we needed to upgrade the online platform. The goal they set was to attract as many people as possible to their platform and to launch at least 4 accredited courses this year.

By automating the licensing process, listening, and taking courses online, in addition to expanding the business itself, certain savings in the form of time, paperwork, and money are achieved.


We divided all the features that have been listed into basic, secondary, and nice to have features. Also, we decided that Phase 1 of the project is going to contain the basic features needed for the system to function. After analyzing all the features, we came to the conclusion that this project will require a  lot of changes and special functionalities. For this reason, we decided not to use WordPress, but Angular and Java Spring on this project.

The team working on the project had  5 members. Two members worked on Backend, one member worked on Frontend,  one member was a QA tester, and a fifth team member managed the project. Guided by the Scrum methodology, sprints were made every two weeks, daily meetings were held, where key questions were asked - What did you do yesterday, what are you doing today, what tasks are planned for tomorrow?

With this approach, it was easy to follow the course of the project and spot problems of any kind in time. Each completed sprint was presented to IMT,  so that further work could be approved and the client could follow every part of the project.


Active participation of IMT, high transparency of the project and progress, as well as flexibility for change when change is needed have created better business engagement and led to greater satisfaction for our client. By working together and analyzing the ideas of all team members, creativity and the emergence of new ideas are encouraged. With regular feedback through sprint reviews, including the client directly, we have enabled early course correction, which has saved costs and time.

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