This is a small family business, two young parents decided to exit their comfort zone and find the courage to start something of our own.

Fill is the first company in our country Serbia that initiates the production of paper straws that are not harmful to the environment.



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The process of the production of paper straws includes more parameters that are the case with plastic straws, which is the reason why paper straws are more expensive.

They present a lifestyle and premium service at your bars or restaurants.

FILL team believes that every small change is important.

A positive step towards environmental protection. Be aware of the improvement we can make, and let’s work together on it.

Fill is a new brand inspired by energy of young couple who had amazing idea of how to implement something eco-friendly in daily use.

Our vision in creating their digital outlook was to show the appearance of something new, modern but also really authentic.   

Their website is full of good taken artistic ( also vintage-styled) photos, so as photos made in real-time places where the straws were in use. Such as parties, promotions, birthdays and other daily activities and events.

Bright colors and pleasant atmosphere is the feeling of Fill presentation. Extremely catchy for their clients, powerful such as this invention is. 

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Belgrade, Serbia

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