Mondial 90 is a family-run business, incorporated since 1992, named after the 1990 World Cup in football hosted by Italy.

In the beginning, they focused on domestic and international trade of wood cutting and processing machines and tools made by the Italian manufacturers.

As time went by their list of clients expanded, bringing Mondial 90 to the forefront of their industry in all countries of ex-Yugoslavia.



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In the year 2000 Mondial90 began importing and processing quartz partnering up with famous Italian company Stone Italiana from Verona. In those early days, Mondial90 equipped its market with floor and wall quartz tiles. As their client base and demand for their products expanded, they introduced quartz processing services, with the capability of handling any quartz slab with dimensions of up to 305x140cm.

Today, Mondial 90 works with the largest global brands in quartz, granite & marble industry. That is why they continuously expand their field of work, set new goals and expand into new markets. Their HQ remains in Belgrade, Serbia.

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To find the best way how to approach the client's potential customers, firstly we made detailed research on all of the Mondial90 work. 

Through the photos and visit some of the places where Mondial 90 made their mark ( in Belgrade and Montenegro) we easily made a conclusion.

Spirit of conceptual, modern and elegant is recognizable in each of their projects.

To expedite the process, we assumed that the only strategy of creating this digital outlook is to implement the same feeling of visualization into the web presentation.

The appearance of  Mondial90 web site is just like their work of art.  Attractive, conceptual, simple but most of all it defines a new-age of a stylish and influencing way of look.  

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